End of lease cleaning is a final clean up of a house at the end of a tenancy. The cleaning is meant to return the property to the position it was at the beginning of the lease.

A quite number of tenants are unable to clean the house appropriately; hence failing to secure the full security deposit. In this guide, you get insightful information regarding tips on the end of lease cleaning.

Here is a summary of the best tips to help you perfect your end of lease cleaning.

  • Understand the cleaning requirements

Unlike regular cleaning, end of lease cleaning requires a lot of time, energy, and the right products and approaches to make the property dazzling clean. The cleaning must be conducted to meet the expectation of the property owner. Analyzing what is needed to clean the house will make it possible to get your full bond from the landlord.

  • Following a checklist

You have to follow a list and use the right approaches to do a perfect job in your end of lease cleaning. Professional cleaners usually follow an approved cleaning checklist that is prepared to meet the expectations of landlords. Following a list will help you conduct deep cleaning; hence increasing the chances of getting your bond back.

  • Clean the carpets

If your house has carpeted floors, ensure you use the right equipment to clean them thoroughly. Some carpets need to be shampooed, or steam cleaned. If you can’t do the cleaning, it is advisable to hire a professional cleaning company to do the job for you.

  • Cleaning walls and baseboards       

Although walls and baseboards are not part of regular cleaning, they are critical areas to pay attention to at the end of your tenancy. You can spot clean the surfaces or wipe them a cleaning solution.

  • Clean windows, door frames, and tracks                                                              

Windows, door frames and tracks are areas that are not attended to frequently, and they are likely to have dust, moisture, and debris accumulate in them. You can clean these areas with the right equipment and cleaning solution. If the frames and tracks have dust and debris, you can suction them using a crevice tool.

  • Cleaning the bathroom

The bathroom needs adequate cleaning due to the presence of moisture. You may begin with cleaning showers, basins, and toilet sheet. Using vinegar to clean your showers can make them look hygienic and attractive. Don’t forget to clean the tiles and floor, and disinfect the bathroom where necessary.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to do the end of lease cleaning will make it easy for the refund of your deposit security. If you are not familiar with the job, you may seek help from a professional cleaner. For all your end of tenancy cleaning Newcastle requirements, you can reach out to Newcastle Cleaning Services!